The Road To Naskala!

Saul, Ajira, And Warp walked out of the academy doors they were walking through a street when saul suddenly announces "Whilst on this mission, we are picking up a new recruit. His name, is Toji, hes a wind user who manipulates it to aid his attacks." Warp looked and smiled "Heh, a new team-mate huh? that's gonna be fun!" after an hour or so walk in silence, ajira suddenly screamed "HOW MUCH LONGER?! IM SOOO TIREDDD!" Saul just sighed and pointed north.."about twenty minutes that way...." Warp piped up and said "HA! about 10minutes if we run! lets go!"

 Warp sped off into the distance. They had been running for about 5mins when saul stopped. "WARP! STOP!" Warp jumped just in time to see a net snap from the ground and lift up a harmless badger into the air "What the hell!?" warp shouted Ajira questioned "who's there? show yourselves!!" Four men, and two women walked out of the trees bearing wooden poles and mud painted on there face, you could tell they were tribesman warriors, they roared in victory and looked at warp, the men got on their knees and worshipped him whilst the women ran back to the other villagers. They started chanting some weird language and ajira and saul stared at warp, his body was glowing in 4 places saul stared in awe at the colors of the crystals, green, blue, purple and yellow. the villagers stopped chanting and got up, they walked away from him he stood up and started blinking weirdly he stared at the others and said.."What happened?, i feel stronger...?" Saul stared at him, blinked and said "You didnt just see that? YOU WERE GLOWING FOUR DIFFERENT COLORS!!" Ajira stared at warp shocked and said "....let's continue shall we?"

The End

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