Sauls the captain?! Im a WHAT?!

After the ceremony Ajira and Warp headed upstairs to see the Headmaster as they walked into his office they were blinded by the case of golden trophies and awards behind him the walls reflected the light with the silver paint he had put there specially to reflect them, they walked up the silver carpet with golden embroidery, being careful not to dirty it, as they stood at his desk they saluted, the headmaster then said "At ease. Now, the reason i have called you here is that the Nightmare Lord has started acting up again.." Warp looked shocked and replied "D...did you say...the nightmare lord!?" The headmaster then said "yes, and i do know he has been invading your dreams warp, it seems that you have some special power he wants to take from you.." Warp was puzzled "..Special..Power?" "Yes, it seems you are an Edge Fencer, the last in your race actually, your grandfather was the second to last, but alas, he has now passed, " Warp questioned the headmaster saying "Edge fencer? what's that?" The headmaster walked over to his cabinet, opened it up and took out a Long Wide box, about as long as 2 tables he walks over to warp and places the box in his hands "Open it up, It's yours now." Warp placed the box on the ground and opened the box, inside was a sword, not just any sword, a big sword he looked at the hilt, it was long enough to fit four hands on the pommel was round, with a small rectangle box protruding out. with two other thinner boxes popping out diagonally each side, the hilt was wrapped in blue cloth and held together by 4 golden rings placed a couple of inches apart the stat of the blade was like a tortoises shell on both sides of the blade, but each layer overlapping with a point, in the middle of them was a circle, with four rubys surrounding a slightly bigger gem that was a mystery the blade was long and about 7-8 inches wide, every 5 inches or so a spike going straight left and right would protrude each side, the sword was all in all 60 inches long, the blade was blue but had two, 2 inch gold lines going through the head was curved with a U shaped hole in the middle, he lifted the sword expecting it to be heavy but lifted it with ease "It's really light, are you sure it won't break?" Warp questioned, the headmaster replied "haha, this is the blade your grandfather used to once seal away the nightmare lord, and you too will use it." Warp shed a tear and hoisted it on to his back, for some weird reason the sword resonated and stayed there, there was no holster for it, it just connected to his back and stayed.

 Warp then said "Okay! whats the mission?" Ajira finally coming out of shock from the sheer energy radiating from the weapon snapped out of it and said "Yes...i too would like to know sir.." The headmaster looked at ajira and replied "dont worry i have a new weapon for you too." he pulled out a double ended sword , the handle wrapped in a seablue cloth with white rings, the blade was an unbreakable sapphire crystal shaped into a blade unlike warps blade, this came with a holster to tie to her back, ajira looked in awe at the sword and said "im amazed, it looks amazing, thank you sir!" the headmaster smiled and said "Ah, now back to the mission, The nightmare lords Right hand man, Rabahnus has ambushed a town with some of the nightmare lords men, your job is to go with your captain and drive them out of the town." "and who is our captain?" warp said looking Excited, From nowhere a voice came saying "I am. And if you have a problem, you can talk to me about it."

As if he was always there, Saul walked in the room, a new spear layed on his back, still a trident, but the pole was now a blood red, the trident head was now a emerald green, he walked up to the headmaster and stood by his side. "What?! you didnt pass!!" Warp shouted at Saul, he laughed and replied "Yes, i did, last year. i was only in that test, to check your skills, and it seemed you were ready" Ajira looked at saul and frowned "Hmph, so, where are we going then, and when do we leave?" the headmaster smiled and said "I thought you would never ask, You're heading to a nearby town named Naskala, there you will meet up with a man, you must give him the password: Dragonspire, and he will lead you to his Groups territory, you will aid them in driving out the intruders and you leave as soon as you are ready!"

The End

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