The Return Of The Dreams.

After the fierce battle between warp and saul they each had a day to re-cooperate and get some rest for the Ceremony the next day, when he got back to his room warp started worked on healing his wounds, after about an hour or so, he grew weary, and looked at his damaged Falchion, the etching of his family symbol: the dragon had been scarred, after using some Weapon restore powder and magic, it was finally cured back to full strength, warp collapsed onto his bed and looked at the clock "heh....1:09AM...i should get some sleep....." as soon as his head hit the pillow, he was out like a light.

The dream started...."not again! NO NOOO!!" warp screamed in fear as he was once again walking through the empty halls of the palace draped in darkness. the pillars surrounded him each one with a statue of a serpent coiling itself around it, each step he took he could hear his voice drawing ever closer, pounding into his head "so your here, i wondered when you would show, i guess they dont call you the chosen one for nothing, you must be really brave to be here...or stupid...hahahahahaha!!!"..the lingering voice stuck into warps mind like a sword being shoved through his heart he screamed "WHAT DO YOU MEAN?! IM NOT THE CHOSEN ONE!" he fell to his knees and started pounding the ground with his fists, all of a sudden, he heard a hissing noise above him...the statues on the pillars...were coming alive..uncoiling themselves from the pillars, surrounding him, he counted them..1...2...3...4....5?! he went to unsheathe his falchion and found there was nothing there, he tried using thunder, nothing, his gemstone was removed from the wrist! the first serpent slashed at him he barely dodged before the other jumped on him, pinning his arms and legs to the ground, he opened his mouth and all he saw was rows of teeth, drenched and dripping with blood from their countless victims....just as he was about to strike, warp was awoken with the sound of his friend Ajira. "Warp! wake up! we're gonna be late for the ceremony!" it was obvious to tell she was angry "yeah, okay gimme a minute..." he grumbled waking up in a sweat from the nightmares his body still aching from the previous day he got up, clothed himself equipped himself with his weapons and walked out the door.

On the way to the ceremony Alija asked "Are you ok warp? you seem frightened...?" warp then said "I dont know..i have these dreams of a palace, and a mans voice telling me im a chosen one..and then serpents attack..what could it mean?" to which ajira replied "I dunno, but hey! ill race u there!" in her usual playful tone "Ugh, just like her to ask and not care....oh well!" he ran to catch up with her, as they reached the ceremony field they could hear the headmasters voice booming: "Firstly i would like to congratulate the students who passed, im sure they will make great spellswords and help the world the best they can, secondly, id like to give my condolonces to the ones who didnt and im sure will pass next year. but now, lets get this done so they can all start their duties.." As warp and Ajira took their places in line Solo stared at warp, then walked away...he turned to ajira and said "I feel sorry for saul..he did really well in his battle, i was seriously hurt. i only won by luck...." she comforted him by saying "yea, but you were the better fighter, you stayed conscious longer" as she finished the sentence the headmaster handed them their diplomas which said "Awarded to Warp Skyblade Master of thunder." and "Ajira Tide Master of water." each handed a medal made of solid gold warps was engraved with a picture of a dragon and a thunder strike, whilst ajiras was engraved with a Shark and a bubble surrounding it. The headmaster put his head between theirs and said, "I wish to see you two in my office straight after this ceremony."

The End

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