The Final Exam

As Warp walked into the Exam hall he noticed the list of battles and the tools of weapons used by masters of different ages encased in crystal diamond he walked to his field and saw his opponent: Saul, he seemed like a nice person, but he was often on his warp walked up to him and put his hand out, expecting him to embrace the shake, saul gracefully fell into a battle stance. As warp looked down to saul's wrist he saw he was a earth element user in his mind warp thought "This is going to be TOUGH!!"

Saul was holding a partisan, the head was an ordinary trident spearhead and the handle was a dark brown with etchings his family symbol the snake wrapped around it, the weapon had a gold glow to it symbolising his mastery over earth. As warp pulled his falchion out he gave a little smirk to solo, his confidence was there, but he was slightly worried, he felt sick as he put his thunder wrist on and summoned thunder to encase his falchion, now his blade glowed with a purple light. As the exam co-ordinaters took their positions on the podiums they started the count down to the match "3..2....1...START!!!" as quick as he could notice solo was dashing towards warp with frightening speed, warp only just managed to jump up in the air and send down a beam of lightning which was easily blocked by saul with one fell swoop from his Partisan, when warp finally came down from the air the ground trembled underneath him as saul stabbed his spear into the ground and made it open up, as he jumped out of the way he used this chance to make his move, he ran towards saul and slashed with his partisan, he just caught him as saul moved, blood came spurting from his shoulder, he grabbed his partisan and dug himself underground.

Warp looked around but he was nowhere to be seen, and in a blink of an eye he emerged from the ground, crunched warps jaw with the hilt of his spear, warp flew back and quickly casted a protective shield spell. he casted a healing spell and licked the blood from his lips, with a feint smile warp said to saul "Is that the best you can do?" saul burst out into laughter and said "I think its time for my final attack..." before he could move warp ran straight to saul, slashed down his left side rendering his arm useless unable to hold his spear it clanged to the floor, he could only use his right which was heavily damaged from the slash on his shoulder from before, he picked up his spear with his right hand and threw it in the air, which after he swiftly jumped into the air used his elemental power to encase it in sharp stones and kicked it down through the air shouting "EARTHDRILL JAVELIN!!". Warp looked up, fear in his eyes, confidence wavering and he had a flashback: it was his grandfather saying to him "Whatever happens, never forget your honor" in a flash his confidence snapped back to him and his eyes went from its normal blue, to purple, sending a bolt of thunder to slow the javelin attack down he jumped up ran over the spear jumped swung his arm back, summoned up all his energy and slashed at saul with all his might, as saul fell to the floor he cast his trump card spell: earth spikes, they flew all the way to warp and stabbed him through his shoulder, his leg, but by some jolt of luck saul had passed out from exhaustion and warp was announced the winner of the match and that he passed his test..

The End

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