The morning after

Early the next morning after his dream warp gets woken up:

"Warp wake up!!!" his mother cries, "Wha!? what's going on?" he replies, "its 12pm!! you gotta go!" with a slightly angry tone in her voice "ugh i really have to go today?" still sounding sleepy "Yes." "Ok Ma..." as he wakes up he suddenly realises that today is his Spellblade final exam, he hurridly picks up his falchion and thunder wrist and heads out of the door. "I'm gonna be late!!!!!!" as Warp heads round the corner he sees Yojin the local bully standing in his his hand is a dagger, on it is a falcon crest, his family symbol..."Hey geek, where ya goin'?" to which Warp replies "Heh, to pass my exam, why arent you there?" "cos im too good for the academy hehe......." "you wish!!" "Why ya little brat!!!" Yojin suddenly attacks warp to which he jumps in the air and hops across the buildings to his school, yojin shouts to him "I'LL GET YOU NEXT TIME FREAK!!!".

 Warp looks at his watch and realises the test may have started already, as he darts through the academy his teacher notices him and gives him his exam instructions. As he enters the hall his opponent is standing before him....

The End

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