The Edge

Sometimes there is nothing between you and everything else...

The wind bites at my face at every chance it gets, as it passes me by.  I shudder at its presence on my cheeks, stinging and sending pain all over me.

The rain, a light drizzle, falls all around me; covering everything aided by the ever persistent wind.

Fresh air fills my lungs as I take a deep breath and slowly exhale; my mind calms down and becomes empty; an empty, black void.

As I open my eyes, I see the landscape in front of me - the jagged silhouette of the mountains stretching across the sky, splitting it between the heaven and the earth below, the clouds barely covering their summits.  

Far and wide, their enormous godly presence can be felt, ever looming over the mortals below.  The trees, scattered across the landscape, bring little colour to the greyness of the sky and the rocky mountains.

The mist hangs in the air all around me, not affected by the wind or the rain - not bothered by the immortal mountains.  It has not affection, nor dedication or allegiance to any faction; just itself.

And there, at the edge of where I stand, is the precipice to the world below.

As I gaze into its emptiness, I feel drawn in towards it.  It beckons me to come closer to it, like a predator luring its prey.  The wind gently pushes against me, and as I continue to gaze, I find myself wanting to walk to it...

In the distance, a bird screeches as it flies from a tree and I wake up from my trance, finding myself closer towards the edge than before.  Shock and realisation work together as they drag me away from the edge.

Sweat begins to trickle down my face, my heart beats faster against my chest - temptation tugs gently at my hand as it leads me closer to the edge; closer to the precipice.

Smalls pieces of rock tumble down the side of the cliff as I approach it, their sound fading away as the precipice consumes them.  The mist coyly covers the precipice, a giant sea monster that lurks beneath the water, waiting for the right moment to show itself, waiting for its victim.

Closer I walk towards the edge, the faster my breathing becomes, the faster my heart beats against my chest.

Will I do it this time?

Just as I allow myself to fall victim the precipice, I feel her hand grab hold of mine.  

Her warmth radiates against my cold, grey skin and I understand what I have missed all this time I have been here; it's her.

No matter what I have lost, no matter what happens, she will always be there for me - never leaving my side.

To think I have nothing when I have her is foolish to think; I have her and she has me...

The End

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