The Echoes Creation

A trio of girls, friends with tension in their friendship, all go on a summer trip to Echo Lake Maine. Though little do they know what hides in the water, what lays on the bottom, and that Echo lake is saltwater....

Today, seemed different. I didn’t know exactly why I had this feeling, but I could just feel it in my gut. Of course I got these feelings all the time, especially when I was around a large group of people. It was like one of those feelings you get when you know something strange is going to happen that isn’t routine. That’s exactly what it felt like. I’m not going to lie to you, it made the day go slower, which was a pain since it was the last day of school.

Lynn was tending to last nights Math homework that she forgot to do. Lunch was usually peaceful, but it was hectic. Brittany was flirting with some boy that she didn’t even know, which left me staring off into oblivion and not touching my enchilada, I didn’t see anyone else in the cafeteria who was eating anyways, so I guess I blended in.

The twins Thomas and Nathan Wilder, were throwing their carrots across the table at the far end of the cafeteria. I could see my English teacher Mrs. Batts glaring at them out of the corner of her eye. The whole 8th grade was restless, and I had a feeling I knew why. It was the end of school, about two more dreadful hours until the gates of this prison were slung open, and then all of my fellow classmates would pour out in a heap of papers and destruction.

I smiled. “Your not eating?” Lynn asked glancing up from her math book. Her blue eyes searched my face like I was a victim of a car accident. Red hair toppled in front of her left eye, concealing it until I was left with only one to confront.

“Nah, I don’t feel like it,” I told her truthfully. She shrugged her shoulders and went back to her work. Her head bent low over one of her forgotten problems. Brittany finally turned around giggling with a juvenile note that she had received from one of her many boyfriends. Her chocolate eyes scanning hungrily over a sentence a couple of hundred times.

I sighed and leaned back in my chair. “Awww,” Brittany cooed as she crumpled up the note and held it to her heart. “I swear Nathan has his days where all he wants to do is shower me with compliments,” she said looking off into space.

I said something less than intelligent like, “So.” Brittany’s blonde head snapped out of her revere and turned a what-did-you-say, kind of look at me. I chose to stare at my enchilada. I had known her for my whole middle school experience, and she never, for once, thought about talking about something other than the boys of “The Dwight School”.

“Jaylin, may I see you for a moment,” I heard a voice say from behind my back. I knew that voice, Principal Ryan. This could not be good, it almost never was. I huffed and turned around in my seat. What had I done this time. “I would advise you, Miss Anderson to not use that attitude of yours with me. I had hoped that that would have gone away from the last in-school suspension you received.” Principal Ryan towered over me, her business suit was obviously for pretend, because she ran no business. And for that matter was not royalty to New York, and never was mentioned in respectful society.

Ms. Ryan gave me an evil look that made it seem like she knew the things I thought about her. Though there was the one time that I told everyone who would listen that Ms. Ryan was actually a retired druggy who never really stopped. That never really settled down. The word had obviously gotten around to the teachers who had no other choice to report it. Though I thought I had actually seen a few teachers nearly falling out of their seats laughing. But I chose to smile, even though it was a sarcastic one, Ms. Ryan smiled back. Though I doubt it was out of concern or respect.

I sighed and heaved myself out of my seat. Both of my friends didn’t look concerned at all. This happened almost every day anyways, I couldn’t tell if Lynn had even looked up. Brittany had went back to flirting. “I’ll be back in a sec,” I told them. Brittany didn’t seem to hear me, she was laughing avidly about some stupid joke. Lynn glanced up and waved with a smug smile on her face. I knew she would probably say something about my habits later.

I followed Ms. Ryan out of the lunch room. All the while we weaved in and out of tables I received countless jeers and snide comments about something I had done the previous week. I smiled with pride. Their whispers quickly died away when Ms. Ryan would glance over towards them.

When we reached the door to the hall, Nathan and Thomas stood up on their chairs and started yelling. “WOOHOO, GO JAYLIN!” This time Mrs. Batts grabbed them by their blonde hair and spun them over in the corner where she started to scold them repeatedly. I smiled. I could feel the principals eyes on me like I had planned this. I shrugged and followed her outside into the hallway. Leaving behind the Wilder brothers unnerved smiles.

Ms. Ryan moved ahead of me, straight down the endless corridors until we came to her office. The door had gold paint on the windows that read, Principal Ryan. I remembered the day me and the Wilder boys took red Sharpie maker and redid the words to say, “PRINCE IAN,” I smiled hugely as Ms. Ryan beckoned me inside with one claw like old finger.

I took my seat in the leather arm chair that I had grown to love over the pass three years. I was surprised to see that they still hadn’t expelled me. I knew that Ms. Ryan wanted me out of here so bad she could taste it.

“Planning a big blowout are you,” Ms. Ryan growled? I didn’t know what she was talking about so I kept smiling. I didn’t speak, I didn’t want her to think that I had nothing planned. I usually did this when I had no idea, and I didn’t think that this had ever occurred to her.

“I assure you Miss Anderson, that if it weren’t for your parents fame in the real estate world, that you would’ve been out of here months ago. Who knows, maybe even years ago.” Her hawk like eyes borrowed into mine. I chose to stare at the trinkets that surrounded her desk. Funny how there were no pictures of family, let alone of prize students.

I laughed without humor and stared at her head on. “I assure you Ms. Ryan, that if it weren’t for your hawk like demeanor, that I wouldn’t of been like this these past months. Who knows, maybe even years,” I mocked. Ms. Ryan put on her I’m-going-to-kill-you smile while I stared back with the same expression. With any other person sitting in this chair, it might of worked. But not with me, I had endured it too many times to care much about it.

Her smile finally left her face and turned into another normal scowl. I relaxed and let out my breath. “I did not bring you to my office so you could further annoy me,” she said straightening some paperwork that laid in front of her. “I brought you here to tell you that if you should ever, and I truthfully mean it this time… that if you ever again put toilet water in my antique canteen again,” Ms. Ryan closed her eyes and rubbed her temples. “That you would be out of here quicker than you could sputter ‘It wasn’t me’,” Ms. Ryan imitated. I choked back a laugh.

“Are you sure that was my voice, because ‘I assure you,’ that it sounded like a dying cat.” I could see Ms. Ryan’s face bubble with hate. Her hue turned from red to purple in about three whole seconds. This time I actually laughed. I didn’t hold it back. Besides, she couldn’t do anything to me today, it was the end of school.

“If you think you can get away with that rebellious attitude of yours any longer, I assure you,” I cut her off with my screams of laughter. I didn’t want to glance up and see her glaring at me from under her spectacles. I chanced a look up at her face and laughed harder when I saw she was red with fury and that her glasses were hanging on for dear life off the edge of her nose.

“Y-You.. You l..look li-ike yo-u’ve been-n att-tacked,” I started. I couldn’t help the roars of laughter that poured from me. I wished the Wilder brothers were here to see this. The thought made me laugh harder than I had ever before. Before long my throat started getting sore. Tears fell down my cheeks I was so giddy.

“GET OUT OF MY OFFICE ANDERSON,” Ms. Ryan yelled over my laughter. I didn’t want to know what she would do to me if I stayed. So I staggered out of her office. Just in time to intercept Mrs. Batts holding both Wilder boys by the ears. They were laughing as much as I was, despite Mrs. Batts stronghold on their ears, which were both pink and getting red by the second.

“I am deeply disappointed at both of you,” Mrs. Batts cried as she practically threw the Wilder boys into the pit of Ms. Ryan. “And as for you Miss. Anderson, I think its time you went to class.” I nodded and tried to shut off the shaking of my laughter, which I found almost impossible.

I nearly ran down the hall, but I remembered that Mrs. Batts was behind me, probably just waiting for me to do something to further annoy her. She wasn’t any better than Ms. Ryan.

When I entered the classroom, everyone looked up. Mr. Gilroy looked up from his math folder like I had just interrupted a congress meeting. I mouthed sorry at him, which was so unlike me. But I sauntered over towards my seat at the back of the class and stared at the windows. Though the only showed another building. We obviously weren’t going to do anything since it was the near the end of the day.

Brittany elbowed me, which brought me back to Earth. “What?” I whispered annoyed that she had interrupted me from my train of thought. I stared into her sleek olive skinned face and softened my tone a bit since she looked offended. “Sorry, what?” I muttered.

What happened, you didn’t get expelled did you?” Brittany asked like she had put a lot of thought into it. I shook my head. I watched as she let out a fake sigh of relief and went back to drawing a rose on her binder. Lynn was in front of me, and chose to swivel around to face me.

She handed me a piece of paper, a note obviously. This was usually the way we chose to communicate in class since I was always caught whispering to Brittany, of which I didn’t think would ever stop. I smiled and unfolded her note.

"Are we still going to Maine with you and your parents over the summer?  If so I’m not so sure if we should consider taking Brittany. I mean its not like I don’t love her or anything, but she gets on my nerves!"

I opened up my purse and withdrew a black pen. I held it inches from the paper until I was sure that Mr. Gilroy wasn’t looking, and then started to write.

"Yeah we’re still going, I understand that you don’t like her that much, but come on. I’ve known her for a long time. And I’ve already invited her Lynn, what do you expect me to do, tell her that she can’t come. Have you even stopped to consider what she would do to us if I told her no?"

I folded up the note, not sure I should give it to her. I had always made it seem to Lynn that I really didn’t like Brittany that much. The truth was that I loved Brittany like a sister. I don’t think I could ever tell her no to anything. I was about to give it to Lynn when the bell rang.

All Hades broke loose… kids screamed and threw their papers up in the air. Which followed with the scrambling like ants down a tunnel towards the door. I didn’t get the chance to give Lynn the note. And part of me really liked that idea. I walked, but didn’t run. I gave the Wilder boys hugs and promised to get together over the summer so that we could trash a few malls.

I told them I liked that idea, but secretly, trashing a mall wasn’t going to be the highlight of my summer. I wasn’t sure, but I was actually wishing that I was in Maine right now. Because I knew that this year would be better. Mostly because Lynn and Brittany were coming with me.

I hiked down to the flights of steps until I was face to face with a black limo. My parents always sent a limo at the ending of school. I climbed in the back and hit the speaker button. “Nelson, before we go home could you take me to the beach?” I watched as he nodded and drove between the crowds of cars.

I don’t know how he did it, between the midday traffic and the stoplights along the way, oh and don’t forget the mindless idiots you sometimes run into when your going somewhere on the road. Anyway. He got me to Coney Island Beach in about an hour and thirty minutes.

When we parked, I got out and walked over towards the sand dunes. I sunk my feet in them, and flew down the side, rolling in the sand. “MISS ANDERSON, YOUR MOM TOLD ME YOU WERENT ALOUD TO DO THAT ANYMORE. THEY DON’T WANT TO HAVE TO PAY ANYMORE BEACH FINES,” Nelson called after me. But I was already on the ground and running towards the ocean on the other side.

There weren’t a lot of people outside on the beach. Two love birds holding hands and walking like they were meant for each other. And a man jogging down the shore gallantly like he owned the place. I still had my uniform from school on, but I plunged into the waves. My black hair getting even glossier with the cold and wetness of the salt water.

I didn’t care to look behind me and see Nelson laughing as I dove in and out of water. I wanted this, I didn’t know why. I just liked the feel the salt felt between my toes, and the current when it pushed against me. There wasn’t a force in the water that could separate it from me. I knew it like it was air.

I stayed underwater for a while, until I was sure that I had no more air left to spare. With it, I felt alive. I dipped in and out for what seemed like hours. I felt like there was nothing that could harm me. My body felt whole.

I felt home.


The End

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