The Echo of Tears

             Chapter one: A golden friendship can mean trouble.

The night was dark and cold, a storm, a large one seemed to be peaking it's head around a corner. It was being suddle and silent. It was a good night to stay inside, in the nice warm house, and where were we? outside sneeking around. Saddly The Empire's streets are silent as well, the roads are made of grey stone, every foot fall echos till anther one falls. Luckly those lazy gaurds that King Nozon puts around here are asleep at this time.

If you want to know why we are sneeking around, I'll tell you. It's because the King of The Empire Nozon is parnonid. Not that he shouldn't be. He's a sissy, and gets his solders to do everything for them. They don't like to talk things out with other people so they just kill them, I should know, I live here. well because of that we are now at war with a place called The Kingdom. Nozon stole their princess thirteen years ago. That was the same time I was born.

The name's Tori. I am a blade fighter. A bladefighter is simply a term to describe a person from The Empire we call the kingdoms well, kingdoms. I don't like being a blade fighter but I was born as such and with this title. I have long waist length light blound hair, my eyes are ice-blue. They sparkle and always shine, which is odd. Most girls in The Empire have dull, black or brown eyes. They are dull because of the bad living enviorment.

I told you that King Nozon (if you can call him a king.) Is mean and crule so is the streets. My father works as a miller but even then he only makes a little, enough for taxes and a bit of food. I usually end up giving my portion to my ten year old sister Mei. In turn I'm a little under weight.

Mei is three years younger than I. (I am thirteen.) She is so rambosious! she is adventurous like me, but is also foolish like Zavire. (Zavire is anther friend I have.) If we are ever doing something adventous... or dumb she is always their. Mei has short chopped off dark brown hair and laughing brownish-green eyes. She drives me nuts some... most of the time but I love her.

Zavire is the same age as me. Well in truth t\he is two minutes older. But he treats those two minutes like two years! He and I have been friends since age two. I'm used to him now. He has sandy brown hair that moves a certain way in the wind... one I cannot describe, his eyes are dark brown, intense and reckless and laughing all at the same time. He always has this careing reckless adventous grin on his face. He loves to get into trouble. (And he get's us in trouble in the process.)

Which would explain why we are roaming around in the dead of night now. You see it started with the ever annoying "I have a great idea!" yeah right! We were at our favrite spot the only spot in the whole Empire that was a little alive. The whole Empire you see, is dead and grey. Even the people are not aloowed to wear anything but grey, black and brown clothing. It got pretty dull, wearing those clothes you know. We were practicing sword fighting. When I turned ten Zavire gave me my claymore, it is a nice blade, it has a gold hilt and a thin light sliver blade. I gave Zavire a sword too, a broad sword, it has a copper hilt and a darkish sliver blade. Mei got a blade too. A dagger it has a red hilt and a goldish blade. Todd Zavire's older brother got a weapon too a bow and arrows.

Tod is a cokcy arrogant boy. He is Zavire's younger brother Mei and him have the same birthday. Todd likes to show off. He gets into all kinds of trouble, and we have to bale him out. Todd has black hair and green brown eyes. I know that sounds like a weird colour but he has it. I believe Mei likes Todd. Even though she chases him and beats him up.

So here we were going around in the dead of night, all because of his 'great idea' which was to sneak into the castle andspy on the King and his plans. Does anyone but me think this is realy asking for trouble.

The End

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