Unicorn sighting in the Third District

Annabella Bowler, self-proclaimed princess and market truffler, claims she spotted the fantastical creature, commonly depicted upon tapestries, early Monday morning whilst truffle-rooting Third District's Really New Forest in the company of her pig, Rover.

"Rover stopped his rooting about, lifted his snout, and there it was, unicorn, big as the trees," reported Princess A.B.

She added, "I've waited long for a sign acknowledging my princess'ness. And at last it's come. Terrific, and with TWO horns!"

Admitting herself no student of medieval tapestries, the princess further added, "...Two big floppy ears, too. And funny, long, wrinkly nose. Like a Hoover. Made a grand, big noise, as well. Like when my Hoover's stuffed up."

Third District Constabulary is investigating, and has issued a statement cautioning trufflers, and princesses, against interfering with this rarer two-horned unicorn.

The End

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