A Strange Ailment Is Causing All Local Mimes To Become Mute

Today a new illness is sweeping our homely city, we call it the Mime Flu. Local mimes are found unable to speak, a very heart breaking tragdey. We spoke to one of the afflicted mimes.

Pierre FrenchFry has been a mime for 390 years, never getting sick until now. We asked him about the Mime Flu and he responded by pulling at an unseen rope, leaning on an unseen table and drinking an unseen glass of unseen liquid.

The Symtoms of this disease are now as follows:

Loss of Voice

Seeing unseen objects

Striped shirts

Pale white faces with two red circles on each cheek

and lastly, craving for anything French

If you see anyone afflicted by these syptoms, please call 298-the-mime.

We also spoke to our local doctor, Bobert Frank-Johnson, about any cures that could spring along in the future.

"I've found a cure already. All you have to do is as follows;

Find an Ailing Mime

Locate your best kicking foot

Place a hearty kick in between said mime's legs

Rejoice as Mime screams, cries, calls you vulgar names, curses."

Dr. Frank-JOhnson said it works every time, and he is adminestering the cure to mimes from ages -2.5 to 7,000.

- Nach O. Cheez

Expert cheese consultant and Disease Specialist

The End

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