East Wallingford Celebrity to appear on "You've been Maimed!"

Amelia Erring, East Wallingford polar explorer, astronaut candidate, and bon vivant, confirmed rumours she will appear on at least one episode of EWTV's resiliently-popular reality show, You've Been Maimed!

"All true...I've been maimed!" said Ms. Erring, cocking her head, batting her eyelashes, and repeating the show mantra, to cheers and considerable applause before ladies of the East Wallingford Adventurers' Club, where Ms. Erring delivered a riveting lunchtime slide show of her 2008 attempt to reach the North Pole in open-toe pumps.

Effervescent, and stunning in Dolce and Gabbana gold satin slip dress, Ms. Erring admitted to being the same weight she was in college, and assured a rapt audience that she would bring to however many of this season's episodes she might survive exactly what they have come to expect.

"I've got what it takes. One episode, or ten. I've got staying power. They'll have to carry me out." added Ms. Erring.

You've Been Maimed!, viewed in the urban rescue community as invaluable training material, follows the misadventures of the judgment-challenged, who participate until no longer able to.


The End

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