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This week in Community News

The East Wallingford Women's Auxiliary met Sunday afternoon at Pistachio-Nutmeg Park to discuss exactly what it is a Women's Auxiliary was and what they ought to be doing.  After the conversation moved on to whether Gwynetth Paltrow and Anthony Robbins would be a cute or creepy couple, the ladies proceeded to suck back a case of brew, smoke a "fat one" and share a bucket of Tom's Fried Chicken .  (with all the fixings)

The Procrastinator's Support group meeting has been cancelled this week.  It will be rescheduled for a further date.

Tom's group of One has been cancelled due to sickness.

East Wallingford's Alcoholic's Anonymous would like to thank Jerry Innes, owner of Jerry's Pub and Grill for providing a new meeting locale free of charge.  The meeting will now take place at 12:00pm rather than 7pm.

In gossip this week:

J.S. was seen kissing MY WIFE on Thursday outside Manny's Diner.  Sources expect J.S. to have  a black eye at next week's chairty baseball game.





The End

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