Letter from the Editor: "Yes! Most emphatically yes!"

Dear Editor,

As you know, the East Wallingford has seen a number of magnificent changes in the last four years.  There has been a vast improvement in approved articles, grammar and spelling across the board.  

Advertising revenue?  Certainly the economy can be to blame.  

Editorials in your paper have been clear, concise and oft times no less than striking!  I dare say there is no finer person able to carry the torch of writing them.  Your editorial on whether school children should be arrested at gunpoint for truancy has resulted in the continuing trend of not one student being arrested at gun point for truancy.

Remember your fantastic profile piece highlighting Ms. Gloria Swanson's stunning figure?  I will reiterate your deft handling of the lawsuit and how it could have been a lot worse had it not been for your stealthy manouevering and last minute eloquent denials.

I write in support of your last column outlining the many and various well supported criteria in which the Editor-in-Chief deserves a comely wage increase.  Knowing the vast number of letters you are receiving from like minded townsfolk, I do have my doubs you will find room for same in your brilliantly managed publication.

So, yes!  I say, give the Editor a raise!  And soon!

Franklin T. Arnold




The End

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