Urban Buffalo Releases Record Despite Death

In yet another attempt to cash in on the disinformed public, East Wallingford's own Charlotte-Anne Escroquerie, Lady S. Psychic-at-Large, has self released an album in memoriam of the late Urban Buffalo.

In a recent interview, Lady S. admits, "I absolutely adooored Urban Buffalo, may they rest in piece, and I was showering one day - yes - and this music was in my head! Yes, right, it was Aggravated Menacing Ryan, I know it was - know that soprano anywhere, I would. So I hopped out, got out my karaoke box, right, and started singing along with him!"

The disc, now available for 22.99 [Wallingford United Currency Exchange], features an image of Lady S. thoughtfully contemplating the sky and screeching in the microphone clasped dramatically in her hands [courtesy of Ad Lib, Ad Lip Productions]. The "artist" will be channelling the Screamo-Fusion band's spirits today from 2 until 1, and fans are invited to purchase albums for autographs from the display.

Emilie Wickerbiscuit, Entertainment and Promotions

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