Leprechaun Spotted At End Of Rainbow Road

The phone lines of the East Wallingford Chronicle were inundated over the weekend with calls from excited local residents who reported sightings of a leprechaun at the end of Rainbow Road. According to one bemused passer-by, the green clad, vertically challenged fellow approached him, and asked directions to the jobcentre.

Apparently, following embezzlement of gold reserves, in the realm of Rainbows End, and a dwindling readership of faerie tales amongst mortals, the Leprechauncellor of the Exchequer was forced to implement an emergency budget resulting in heavy job losses.

On a happier note, the little fellow has gained employment at White’s Magic Mushroom Farm, whose owner has an opening for another assistant to join her team of six. A celebration followed at the nearby Green Man public house.


Fay Goodfellow

Inter-realms Affairs Correspondent

The End

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