Local Man Abducts Alien

Recently interviewed was a Mr. Extra Terres Trial, not on his most unusual name but his extraordinary story of the extraterrestrial specimen he recently abducted, more commonly known as aliens.

Mr. Extra was seen running down the street early Tuesday morning at 3 PM, its early for some of us, screaming and shouting, "The world is going to end! The world is going to end!" Neighbors who were interviewed said that this was just part of Mr. Extra's normal behavior but what was really strange were the flashing lights that were seen at his place of residence later that night. Wednesday morning he was not seen screaming about the government's plans to overthrow Dairy Queen with the help of local 7-11s, which was his normal Wednesday message.

After a month of not being seen outside of his house, the locals called the police, finally concerned that something may have happened other than another attempt to lock himself inside of his house to hide from the government. When the police arrived at the scene Mr. Extra opened the door with his index finger pressed to his lips. The authorities were led farther into his house until they reached his basement where, what appeared to be, a deformed human was lying strapped to a table and, what appeared to be, a spaceship. Both the being and the spacecraft were taken to Area 51 by government officials to great outraged shoutings from Mr. Extra about 'his property' and 'his alien ain't no government property' and 'down with 7-11's outrageous prices!'

Mr. Extra has now been transferred to St. Mary's Asylum and government officials have been posting signs assuring the public that the alien was a human in costume and the spacecraft a hoax. Signs announcing it have been posted in local 7-11s with text at the bottom saying, 'Down with Dairy Queen!' It appears that Mr. Extra really was just insane and paranoid with no real proof to uphold his ramblings.


The End

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