EDITORIAL: Remember Those Guys What Came By An' Asked All Dem Questions?

Should this be addressed to the Editor, or the Public, or to someone else?:

Do any of you remember the guys who came by and asked all those questions?  Was anybody as ticked off as I was when they wouldn't stop asking questions?  I mean, could those guys hear?  Did they understand English?  Is someone going to try and convince me they were, I dunno, deaf Italians or something?

Oh, so you must think I'm crazy now, huh?  Are you going to try and tell me that, too?  You're going to tell me that firstly, I don't make myself clear, and secondly that I'm out of my mind?  Why is it that everyone tells me that?

Back to the point: is it too much to ask people not to ask so many questions?

Michael Frage
Recerca Road

The End

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