Local Man Stubs Toe, Sues Sandal-maker

On Saturday, March 8th, it was reported that Thomas Hannahan recently sued the Brinkstone's sandals industry for his stubbed toe.
  His wife, Karen Hannahan was on the site and said, quote, "He's always doing things like this! But I'm extremely proud of him, he's finally standing up for himself like the therapist told him to, though this may be slightly in the extreme, it's great to finally see that he's not walked all over by people." Apparently, it's also great that he's not being walked all over by sandals, or Sandal Companies.
  Brinkstone's head manager, Bob Johnson, says, quote, "This is propostorious! No one can blame our company for this man's idiocy, he can't just go off suing industires for accidents that are clearly 100 percent his fault and not the company's."
 However, Thomas states that "it says no where in the usage manual for these sandals that one should be careful that his/her toes do not get smashed against anything. I believe this is an extremely important piece of information, and should be mentioned, and thus, I will be seeing them in court."
  But Thmoas isn't just going for a small sum, he's suing for 7.3 million dollars, and stats that most of the money will go to his charity for abused rats and mice, and plans to sue all the companies that sell rodent killing pellets later in the week for animal abuse, and says he feels "Immensely Confident in his abilities."
  Judge Ron Hawthorn who will be on this case says, quote,"I believe this is a rather silly case, somewhat like children arguing, but I will judge fairly and according to the law."
  Will Thomas fulfill his wish to save the mice and rats and win this Thursday's lawsuit? See next weeks paper to find out the results.

The End

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