Cure Dyslexia For Found!

A cure for dyslexia has been finally found by teh  doctors at St. Francine Medical Center for the Terminally Ill and the Clinically Dead.

Doctors Ellen Slaughter and Emery Talkovic have found something which seems to have completely crued 7/5th of their dyslexic patients and shown considerable imprevoments in the rest. They call it the Sloane-Kettering Method.

It involves dipping the patient in ice-cold water, and then subjecting him to electrocution while the alphabet is fashled at him or her through stroboscopic lights. Once this process is over, medical teams work to revive the patient and then subsequently put him through rigorous spelling bees and calculus classes. All patients show marked improvements within just 3 to 4 days.

Doctor Slaughter said, “ Gone are the days when child a would have problems with his b’s and d’s. Now done is something that’s a part of the skeleton and bone is the past tense of bo. This simple statement would have confused anyone who read it was and dyslexic. But we have the cure so no one needs to be worried.”

Doctor Talkovic added, “ We could have got the Nobel Prize for this if Amnesty International hadn’t worked against us so much. But then these things happen. Atleast, thank Dog that we have touched the lives many  of.”


Attention: If while reading this article, you had trouble with any of the sentences or words in it, there is a 83% probability that you are dyslexic. Avail yourself of a free session of the Sloane-Kettering method tomorrow at 5: 30 at the Community Welfare Hall.





Berry Blacke, Medical Correspondent

The End

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