East Wallingford declares its own time zone

After thirteen years of debate, the City Council of East Wallingford has agreed to establish its own time zone, the East Wallingford Independent Standard Time Zone.  Based on the twenty-five hour day, the new time zone will enable the residents and guests of East Wallingford to sleep one additional hour each day.  Though the East Wallingford District will lose about twenty days a year, they project they will be better rested and thus more productive, so said  Sir Gordon Greenwich, local watchmaker and town crier.

Some concerns were raised about the effect on the dairy industry having the cows arrive one hour earlier each day. Therefore an amendment was passed that exempted dairy farmers from participating, with the understanding that they could nap after the daily milking one hour so as to remain synchronous with the remainder of the commerce.

The time zone will officially begin one hour after midnight on July 1st which actually will then become midnight of June 30th.  We think.


Farm Editor

The End

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