Local School, Recently Vandalized, Decides to Keep New Decorations

Last week, our very own East Wallingford High was vandalized at 2:30 am on Thursday night. When the teachers arrived at the school the next morning, they discovered graffiti all over the walls, windows broken, and the water running in the toilets.

The headteacher, Mrs Hepbourne, told us: 'It's just horrendous. I arrived to find my whole life's work in ruins. I just don't know how I'll recover! I don't know who is responsible for this terrible act, but, by God, I hope they're brought to justice!'

What a contrast, then, to the announcement this Monday, when Mrs Hepbourne said: 'Ladies and gentlemen, I am delighted to announce that we are not going to redecorate the school!'. This was met with applause from the entire assembly.

What, then, prompted this change of heart?

'We'd been thinking of redecorating for a while now,' Mr Roukes, the caretaker confides. 'The school was just so old fashioned, it was embarrassing. The walls were yellow, the ceilings looked like they'd been finger-painted by toddlers, the classrooms were dark and dingy. At least now we've got a bit of colour around the place, and for no extra expense!'

But is this all there is to the mystery? A look at the internet proves not. We found this article on the East Wallingford High website (http://www.eastwallingfordhigh.com/news):

For Sale: wall containing priceless graffiti art by Smael Vagner, famous contemporary graffiti artist. Please ask to view. Price starts at $1,000,000

So, we are finally at the bottom of the change of heart. Smael Vagner, a famous graffiti artist from Rio de Janeiro, visited this area recently. It seems that he left later than intended, in order to get together a gang of artists and vandalize the school. Vagner thinks of graffiti as: 'an art form, to be perfected and appreciated'.

East Wallingford High has now agreed to release the Vagner painting to the public next month. Entrance fees will apply.


 - Westrina, East Wallingford Chronicle

The End

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