Wallingford Resident Flips Coin - Doesn't Come Down. Investigation Now Underway

A small portion of Wallingford Park is closed until further notice due to investigations of a coin-flipping incident yesterday.

Max "Muscle Fingers" Unman, Wallingford's defending Thumb-Wrestling champion, was debating an undisclosed point with an unnamed acquaintance while walking through Wallingford Park.

"He asked me if I wanted to flip for it," the acquaintance told our reporters yesterday.  "I shrugged it off, and pulled out a quarter.  He rested it on his huge left thumb, and told me to call it in the air."  Unman is famous for his unusually strong left thumb.

The flip was made, the acquaintance called heads.  They waited for the quarter to hit the ground.  Five seconds passed, then ten, then twenty.

"Quarters don't take that long to come down.  He flipped it really, really high, so high that I couldn't look up anymore.  It was sunny, so I thought the glare made it seem to disappear.  But it just... didn't come down."

Unman is under investigation on charges of violating the Laws of Physics.  No arrests or suspensions have been made.  The acquaintance is not pressing charges.  A search party has been formed, but not deployed, to locate the missing quarter.

Emily Quarto, Contributing Reporter

The End

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