Area Psychic Settles Debate Over Abilities by Winning Twelfth Consecutive Lottery

Charlotte-Anne Escroquerie, better known as Lady S, has now won a dozen charity lotto contests.  For many, this twelfth straight win of the The East Wallingford Pigeon Relief Fund 50/50 Draw has helped silence rumors that her psychic powers were non-existent.

"It has been a real thrill to both demonstrate my skills as a medium and earn some extra money for a very necessary medical procedure," said Ms. Escroquerie.  "Also, as Chairwoman of the EWPRF, I am relieved that the public has continued to generously support our efforts to help everyone's favorite urban fowl."

Funds raised to date will soon be applied to a state-of-the-art pigeon rehabilitation center.

"We have an ideal spot for the facility in my cellar, right between the cabinet where I store my pellet gun collection and my oversize wood-burning stove," she said.  “Peering into the future, I can see that we will make a big difference for these wonderful, non-annoying animals.”

Lady S will be vying for a thirteenth straight victory next Thursday, with no apparent fear of facing an unlucky number.

"Triskaidekaphobia is for bird-brains," she is quoted as saying.

The End

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