Institute for the Dangerously Konfused [IDK] Grand Opening Disaster

Last Saturday, Senior IDK Director Donald Duck (As of this printing, no one is yet sure is this is the person in question's real name. He seemed rather confused during the interview.) cut an untraditionally blue ribbon to celebrate the grand opening of the Institute for the Dangerously Konfused. However, he encountered one problem: no one was present.

Upon asking one confused-looking person the reason for their absence, they replied, "IDK." After explaining to them that, yes, the place was IDK, and we wished to know why they weren't there, they answered, "OMG! You think I'm crazy! ROFL!" Sometimes the situations of mentally unstable citizens is just tragic.

It has not yet been announced whether or not Duck plans to continue on with IDK despite this crushing blow, however it is the dearest wish of many East Wallingford citizens that he will. As of January 2008, the confusion rate in East Wallingford is 103%. In fact, I'm rather confused right now.

- Fluffy Crow, East Wallingford Chronicle

The End

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