Police Baffled by High Flying Crook

The police force of East Wallingford have finally procured more information about the mysterious three-armed burglar loose around town, and now are even more baffled- the crook can now supposedly fly.

It has been reported that people have come home to find their houses robbed, and have looked outside their windows to see a vague form flying in the air.

States Mrs. Venkateramen, "OMG. I came home, from, like, my friend's house, and I saw all my toilet paper and soap and bathroom stuff gone. And, like, a dude flying away from the house. And he had, like, three hands! OMG!" After asking if she could make out any other features of the thief, she simply replied, "IDK." Mrs. Venkateramen was so confused after the incident, that she was forced to be entered into the Institute for the Dangerously Konfused(IDK).

EWBI(East Wallingford Bureau of Investigation) is currently checking in hospitals for records of wing placement, and also for wing amputation. They are also interviewing mechanics to see if anybody has ordered portable wings or flying machines.

-Amber Natsworthy, East Wallingford Chronicle



The End

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