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Letter from the Editor

It has been brought to our attention here at The Chronicle that a site devoted to our articles has been slow in coming. For this we apologize. Honestly, we never thought this whole Intranet thingy was going to be around that long, anyway, and it would save us all much grief to just ignore it for the time being; but since it's looking like this isn't the case after all, we have finally bowed to the needs of a computerized metropolis.

The following consists of the editorials we have transferred as of this letter, with more to be published as soon as time allows. While we update this site, please bear with us in that many of the articles are out of order or, frankly, lacking in content. Revisions are imminent.

Yours Truly,

Franklin T. Arnold

Editor-in-Chief, The East Wallingford Chronicle

The End

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