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Now this feels like im just talking about everything that lives on this earth and yes its true, Myths are the main thing that builds this earth together. Humans are the Key to t his earth, religion is for people who just need a little faith in someone, Life itself, the plants, the animals, everything living, is always going to be there, from the 'worthless' Green grass that covers the earths surface, to the Top of the 'foodchain' The humans. So when you live on earth, your mind is filled with so much knowledge, so much knowing. Wether your English, chinese, australian, indian, or french. We are all the same yet different. And its not going to change. We are remarkable creations. How we have adapted from the little cave men living in well, a cave. to modern day humans living in mansions and amazing technology. Everythings been based into a humans mind. The brain. The biggest mystery there is. Its no myth. But though we know alot about it, but just how much memory does it have? how come it knows nothing when we are first born? How does it work like that? how can it function our whole body? How come every little thing, we belive in. In the back of our minds, something we just wonder. Thinking wether a myth is really a myth. Cause myths cant be proven right? well question is, Can a Myth, a untrue idea, a story, be proven somehow? If a fairy is what it is today, was it still, millions of years ago? possibly Millions of years ago, they were made seen to the humans. Maybe we forgot. Neglected them and forgot as we were adapting, making better things. Moving out of the forests and caves, to the open fields to make houses. And this Fact of living with these 'mythical creatures' has always been in the back of our minds. just tucked away. and its always been passed down through genarations. The story of a mythical creature. Its always just mythical because you havn't seen one. No one has, not now anyway. Think about this question. Have we forgotten the real world, thanks to our adaption and new technology, have we forgot what we all call myth now, as its always storys, always tales, little infomation in the back of our minds. it makes us wonder and question and ask, but we will never find out now, is it too late to find the real earth?

The End

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