Many people have died and come back to life. and when they wake up from death ten minutes later or so, they've all had very simular storys on what happened. They float up to the ceiling, looking down at their lifeless body below and crying relatives. To travel along like a tunnel seeing their favourite things around them, traveling along at the end to see, can you guess what im going to say? To see the 'Light', just to get pulled back and wake up back in thier bodys. This famous light. Its always been a mystery. What is this white light its been said to see when they die. Ghosts supposenly travel the earth searching for this light. The Entrance to Heaven? the place where the dead go to, for a better 'life'. a new start. Many religions have said come back to life as something else, someone else. Your past lifes. Have we all had past lifes? to think before you where you, you were a tiger or a butterfly, you could of even been the same person living somewhere completely different, living a better life, possibly different friends. Different parents. And the parents you have now on the other side of the world, really young, possibly havn't met yet. Just for you to die somehow, old age, car crash, whatever. For you to be born once more. People say they remember their past lifes. Others say they just cant. i know i cant remember my past life, though i can have strange dreams. Is that a passage to my past lifes memories? Dreams are what everyone knows and have. Images in our minds, we see when we close our eyes. Its strange how it works but it just does. Some people experience seeing something and then the next day it happens. Feeling that Dejavu.

The End

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