Aliens is a whole other topic, but also fits into myth. Aliens cant be proven, they have to exist right? just think, if we exist, theres got to be a planet out there which is able to have life on it. And with the millions of stars and planets out there, theres a chance there deffenitly life out there somewhere. Aliens sometime in the past thousands of years ago obviously was found or we just wouldn't know what one is, what one is called, what it supposenly looks like right? But for now, we shall sit on our little planet and wonder. Its said aliens come to earth, little green men from mars has been proven wrong. UFO's coming to explore earth, like a field trip, only to vanish into the sky in a second. Aliens have always been a main intrest to people. We want to know is there life out there? or are we lonely yet lucky to be given a chance. Gods creation. And God comes along to this. i dont want to offend anyone religious so dont take anything offencive. God is a religous fact. Though its not scientificly proven, millions of people in the world belive in a god. But God is like a Untrue idea, yet so powerful its touched the hearts of so many people. Maybe not the christianity 'God'. but everyone has thier own type of god. Yet they all pray to the same one. he or she isn't proven. We havn't seen god before. He or she hasn't come down to earth for a cup of tea. Though many people say does he or she live among us? Its said God is the father, hes the man. So the terms that god could be a woman is thrown out the window, for all we know though, it could be a 'Godess' But years ago women were not seen as equal to the men. weaker, less important. So over the years its grew that God is the man. Is male. Is someone up there looking down at us from Heaven. Who has angel companions. Created earth in seven days right? Adam and eve and the story of the Tree of knowledge and the arch angels and Satan the fallen angel. The Devil, living down in Hell. Whereever that place is. So supposenly if you do a Sin your going to hell. If your a good little human your flying up to Heaven in the clouds. So when you die what happens? Its always a mystery. its a question no one can prove. No one can tell. No one knows the answer.
The End

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