Dont get me started on Ghosts. Are they real? Theres another unique thing. Though there is said to be many types of ghosts. The word ghost when sprung to mind unless your a child, means transparent dead person haunting people, walking the earth till they find the light. If your a child of course, thanks to many children stories, a person with a white sheet over thier heads ect;. Of course, ghosts cant really be proven. exept sometimes people have said to have seen them and some people can interact with them and thats how i get to Physics, telapathic people, Supernatrual. People who have the abilitys to talk to ghosts; see ghosts, see the future, move things with their minds, talk to others with thier minds, read peoples thoughts, the list could go on for ages. Its not said these are true things. You may go to a theme park and you come along a fortune teller. For all you know they could be a faker. Not real. A scam. On the other hand, hey you could be a genuine article right infront of your eyes. And with the clothes, sign posts even sometimes the gypsy caravan can fool you into beliving, yes they are real.

The End

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