Princesses have always been in stories, for years. The best disney movies where animated ones about princesses. Ever heard of Cinderella? Snow white, or even Sleeping beauty. The best FairyTales around. They all involve some sort of magic in it. Sleeping beauty has little fairy folk friends, and theres even an evil witch, she casts a spell on sleeping beauty to fall asleep for thousands of years, or was the phrase forever? Something you wouldn't see in reality. Snow white and the seven dwarfs, okay so you dont come across a cottage of seven little friendly dwarfs tucked away out of sight in a forest do you? And a princess just so happens to find it, as she was going to get killed by her Evil step mother right? shes a witch aswell im guessing. And she falls asleep to be awaken by a prince and a kiss. Alot like sleeping beauty. Cinderella is quite a famous story. Its been said its a true story, but its like chinese whispers. Its been twisted and changed as it went down through the generations by mouth, until you have what it is today, the little servant sister who has to work, sneaks to the ball, falls in love with princey boy and in the end they get married. With a little help by magic of course a 'fairy' Godmother. Reality doesn't have fairy godmothers swooping around the place granting wishes to people. That would make life too perfect probably. Its not something you would imagine would happen. In the dictonary what does Myth mean? go on find out. Even search it on the internet, if your too 'cool' to own a dictonary. i'll just tell you, Myth means an untrue idea or explanation, It can also mean something beyond a 'mortals' viewing to the world. Something the world doesn't show. True beauty, true form, something kept for the future possibly. Getting back to the point, Everyones unique, even storys, even myths. Theres only one type of 'Witch' a person with magical powers, able to cast spells and all that. you arnt called something else if you can cast spells with a wand but other stuff you just cant do. Your still classed as a witch right?

The End

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