The Earth How it really Is?

A small like review about what i think mainly on earth and 'mythical creatures' . It goes from Trolls, fairies and Witches to Aliens to Even thoughts about god, angels and then to humans and life itself, with a bunch of Rhetorical Questions just cause i can put them in there :)


Ever wanted to be unique, Different, Original? What happens when your just too unique? i mean if your the only one alive, exists, belived in. Forget unicorns and fairys. possibly, they are real, kept away in a forest somewhere, not wanting to be found. rare to see, lucky to see? Or witches and Wizards, the people with magic cababilitys. So like humans, are we really sure they are such a thing. Do they exist? Loads of them, living among us. Serving us food at mcdonalds, a midwife, a teacher or even someone you walk past in the street? are they actually real? And then you have Trolls. As if they exist. And if they do, do you really want to go down to the sewers to find them? Because thats where they are ment to live right? Mythical creatures, its got that little word in there, The word 'Myth', yes have you ever noticed that mythical creatures are the creatures that you cant really prove they exist. The creatures that are so magical and wonderful, that makes a story so, well so cheesy and pathetic sometimes. You only get the best stories when its unique. Not the same old story about a witch and a school or a mermaid getting washed ashore.

The End

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