The earth fell

Everyone starts turning on each other and the world is erupting but worse than that, the prison breaks down and the men are loose

One man's rubbish is another man's treasure Zac nodded his head as he saw the writing on the peices of paper Not here!! Zac and his two best friends and probably his only friends were looking for the cause of the disease, the earthquake and the robber escape. Just then a grunting face came clear out of the bushes! One of the escaped robbers who was a murderer and found guilty of stealing money. He grabbed one of his friends by the name of lavender. He found a list then pocketed it. The robber got away with lavender!! He felt a hot burning feeling in his pocket. He got out the list and saw writing The instructions said:(it didn't speak) Go to the church and look for a crown then..... But the rest of the words were smushed by water. Five hours was a very long walk to the church but he could manage it. He Searched around the statue of Jesus wearing the crown of thorns and the cross. He stopped then shouted to Peter: I found the crown!!!! Peter almost tripped when he ran over to me. The crown is on.............. Then suddenly the earth shook and Peter fell. I got it! cried Peter!! He grabbed the crown and he said to me where he found it We are wasting time cut across zac! I need to know if you saw someone coming in...... Began zac but he was cut of across the cough made by him! He had caught the fever and needed water right away. He looked at the list and the list said:............................ If you want to know the conclusion to this story wait a few days or weeks and I will get it finished but in the meantime please look at my other works or become a fan of me Please check daily if you are interested in this story See you!!!! Lorenz
The End

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