The Earth Falls to Pieces

"I like punching the dough. I told myself it was the moon and punched it senseless."

In Ch. 6-10 of "Life as We Knew It" the Earth is basically falling into chaos. Electricity is now as rare as the 76ers winning the playoffs. Cashiers are now armed and prepared to shoot, and gas prices are skyrocketing.  Not to mention that crops are dying and cities like Las Vegas and Phoenix are practically drowning in volcanic ash. This is only a few of the problems that are occurring in the novel. Kids can't even check out library books anymore, librarians just allow them to take about 4 books and hope that they're good enough people to return them. Things are looking pretty grim.

Despite all of these horrible events, there are some good events as well. The world still celebrates holidays, like independence day, and teens still argue with their parents about dating and all of that mushy stuff. At one point they were passing out groceries in Miranda's town too. Its nice to know that despite the world coming to an end, people can still be somewhat civilized.

The End

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