The Early Years

The toddler years are lots of fun for us as parents and it's a time when a lot of development and changes take place in our children. There are many funny stories to be told. So if you have funny stories or situations about young kids then this is the place to tell it.

I understand baby talk


My Toddlers have endless conversations with me because I understand baby talk…………..So they think.


Last week I was sitting in the lounge with my 5 Month old daughter and my son who is 21 months. My Daughter had a lengthy conversation with me with the necessary facial expression and the coo’s and gurgles in all the right places. She really got her point across and was really happy to have got it off her chest. The only problem is I still don’t know what that point was. I could have agreed to buy her a car on her 21st birthday, I don’t know. I guess time will tell.


A few minutes later I was chatting to my son, asking him how his day at the crèche was and what he and his friends got up to. Having just seen that I understand his lingo he broke out into a long description of the day’s events and who did what to whom, all in baby lingo, which I off course understand. Ending with an assertive nod, happy to know that somebody finally understands him.


Now that my children think I understand their lingo, they have endless talks with me. I do my best to understand what they are saying as I don’t want to disappoint them. Sadly I think they are starting to catch on that I might be faking it. Last week I could have sworn my son wanted Juice instead of milk and then promptly gave me a dirty look and did this funny dance that he does when he can’t get his way. He’s pretty good at it, I tried to copy him but the steps are too complicated for me.


I understand baby talk but everyday I understand less and less about what is going on in my home. Luckily for hugs and kisses to bridge the divide

The End

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