A Blessing and a CurseMature

Shortly thereafter they were Married, and lived outside of Athens for some Time happily, blissfully unaware of the World around them.  But they lived in a Time when Turmoil reigned supreme, as the Gods fought for Power above, and Mankind below became the Pawns of their Struggle.  Out of Anger at Athena, Poseidon sent a Fleet out from Crete and sped it on its way to Athens.  Yet upon Landing, the Croatians found the City Walls far too Strong to be Breached, so they scattered about the Countryside to pillage and plunder.  And when a Group came upon the House of Crito, they burst their Way inside and held him fast, forcing him to watch as they cruelly beat and raped his lover, Antheia.  Finally, long after her Voice had gone from Crying and Pleading for Mercy, they left her, Bleeding and Bruised on the Floor, dragged Crito outside, and burned the House to the Ground.  And Crito begged for them to kill him as well, but they refused and went their Way, leaving him lying in the Ashes of his Home, weeping and praying for Death to come quickly.

A Blessing, and a Curse.

The End

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