Where it started.

This is just the beginning. I hope to write until I'm out of ideas.

Adair Carson was tired of watching, in fear, the direction her world was going. Rioting, civil unrest, rumors of Marshall Law, and a president that seemed bent on a class system. Adair was usually very level headed and went about her work in the CDC without complaint but when her boyfriend brought home plans for a family of, as they’d been so lovingly termed, “preppers” that wanted help building a fortress in the mountain he laughed it off while that got her thinking. Adair sat up one night culling over the plans and realized that this fortress wouldn’t withstand a bomb. The next morning, she asked Matthew about the logistics of building something in the mountain itself and he just laughed at her. A few weeks went by and there were more and more cases coming into Adair’s office of once eradicated diseases. Each night, more rioting over unfair wages and treatment carried on in more and more cities. Finally, one of Matthew’s friends in Europe was involved in a terrorist attack and he saw the distress and began to open discussion. They started planning an underground community that could house several families safely and was self-sustaining for at least two decades. Over the next few years, Adair and Matthew became preppers. They kept it quiet until one of her co-workers mentioned her husband asking about military movement in the south. This opened the topic for Adair bring up her thoughts on the diseases, the class systems it seemed were coming into play, and many other things that proved worrisome. Soon, Adair and Matthew had some allies. Bronte and Adair began a stockpile of vaccines, they took to botany and natural medicine as well as gathering medical supplies. Matthew enlisted Bronte’s husband, Carver in work underground and developing irrigation as well as a way to grow food in their dwelling. The first 5 years, were turbulent and it was becoming more and more urgent to finish. Matthew kept digging and building while across the ocean, terrorist were becoming more and more violent, economies were crumbling, and countries began to fight each other. On home turf, rioting became more serious. Groups were getting their hands on bombs, tear gas, creating chemical combat items, and were overall ruthless. City by city became full of civil unrest and chaos. By the time Adair’s first dwelling was complete, she was 55 and had been let go from the CDC. It had taken 10 years for Matthew to finish but he had passed the plans on to several other friends in other states. He knew another one could be built in half the time now that everything was figured out. The fortress for the original family became null as they decided to aid the other two couples in creating this new way of life. No sooner had they finished than everything began to crumble. People were being cut off from each other. Television stations were only allowed to broadcast certain stories and not everyone got to see the same thing. Upper class were elite, they had warning of uprisings and were helped to fallout shelters of old to stay safe. Middle class were left to fend for themselves and the lower class were all but cut off. Soon, the powers came together and attempted to bring peace to the nations but nothing came of that except empty promises. Adair, Matthew, the Winstons (Bronte and Carver), and the Palmers (the preppers) along with their 3 children began to live in the dwelling. Once inside, they opened up communication among the other 2 dwellings that were completed. For 7 months, above ground, the world began to crumble even more. Chemical warfare was destroying the population, ruining the quality of water and plant life, and causing even more chaos. The president was assassinated, there was no rule, no laws, and the world was in utter disarray. Over those 7 months, a few more families began to seek refuge in Adair’s dwelling but they had to seal it off without several people making it. More and more people learned of the underground sanctuaries and were doing whatever they could to be in there. In 2019, chatter on radios leaked of nuclear power plants having lost power due to a cyber-attack. This was the moment. The dwellings must be sealed and whatever, whoever was in there was their new life. Carver, Bronte, Adair, and Matthew, the Founders as they’d been named went to the second level and sealed everyone inside. From that moment on, the air they breathed was recycled, the food they ate was grown in their hydroponic gardens and the people they were surrounded by were probably all that would be left. There were no bombs, there were no warnings. Underground, it almost seemed like a perfect dwelling. The first months were about teaching the 20 families how to live underground. Each family was selected for specific reasons. Some understood technology, others were good with agriculture, and of course there were doctors, teachers, and combat veterans. Adair had a vision and one morning, she woke up with it playing out in front of her. It only took about a month for the different families to get into a sync. After initial family arrangements were situated the dwellers had to figure out what rules they wanted, who was in charge and how they would govern themselves. One of the worst arguments came when a single 20 something, named Oliver, was caught with Mrs. Bridges in the hydroponic level. When Mr. Bridges heard, which was inevitable when you live underground, Oliver ended up spending a week in the medical unit with broken bones and a severe concussion. After this, the dwellers decided upon the Founders. The Founders came up with a simple set of rules.

Founding Rules

1.Respect your communities.

2.No violence against another.

a.If you commit a violent act, an eye for an eye.

3.Use mediators and the founders for disagreements.

4.Be responsible for your area.

They were simple and modern society would think they were ridiculous but simplicity was a necessity. Ages ranged from 65 to as young as newborns. There was only one family, the Palmers (the original preppers) that entered the dwelling pregnant. It wasn’t long before multiple families were having children, even Adair and Matthew gave birth to 2 children together. Matthew had another child with another woman and Adair with another man. Adair contracted cancer and even with all the vaccines, medicines, and natural medicines, she would only live for the first 4 years in the dwelling she’d designed. The 2nd Dwelling had been equipped with a surveying team which monitored the radioactivity of the surface. The 3rd dwelling figured out through radio monitoring that most of the world had seen the fallout of the states’ ruins. The waters and debris began overrunning the earth’s shores and contaminating ground water. All the movies about zombies and disease ridden undead humans weren’t true, when people were radioactive, they just died

The End

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