The Dustbin Baby

Multiple outcomes are shown for one night that will decide the fate of an unwanted baby.

Dolly patted John’s stomach playfully, Marveling at the lack of bounce her hand received. John grinned proud of himself. Dolly handed him a bag bursting with doughnuts. John’s face fell.
“No I cant… Maybe”

She’s giving birth now. Her body shudders from the un-medicated pain and a baby is born. He tries to hold back his queasiness. The baby is covered in placental matter, blood and dark black excrement caked to its new born skin.
“Get rid of it,” She whispers.
He takes it. It’s a girl. All he hears is her voice; he can’t even hear the baby’s cries any more. Somehow the blood isn’t bothering him.
Down he goes to the back of the building in a muted world where only her voice can penetrate the void. He was a Brown student, not a dustbin dad.

He finds the bins and lifts the heavy metal lid with one hand. The baby stirs in his arm momentarily lifting the haze in his mind. The cold rain drips down his nose and falls onto the little girl’s face.

Jessica lewes is brought up a living embodiment of her parents’ failure.
Her father tried to go through his first semester at Brown but found taking care of his broken girlfriend and unwanted baby too much to handle. He’s now a janitor at the school he once graced as a student.
Her mother forever resents her for not only deforming her vagina but also for taking away the one thing she really loved the most. Her sense of superiority.
Jessica never learns the love of her parents and grows up early. Her life ends in pieces inside a dustbin.


Her head lands on an empty doughnut bag and breaks open on the TV underneath.
Her mother dies a few days later from a neglected infection in her uterus. Her father is arrested. After being expelled from prison, he goes out into the real world and hates it. From then on he dreams of her voice every night.
“Get rid of it”

Her head lands on a bag of doughnuts. Her father fades into the night.

John wandered back to the dustbin where his greatest weakness lay in wait for him. He had thrown the doughnuts away to avoid temptation. However his cravings had come back and now he needed doughnuts more then anything in the world.
Opening the lid of a bin he heard the strangled cry of a baby. Looking down his mouth dropped.
It’s fragile skull had been spared by his doughnuts.

Every Friday they go to the doughnut shop on the corner and eat as many doughnuts as they can scarf down at once. A dustbin daughter and her dustbin daddy smile happily with sugar caked around their mouths.

The End

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