By the time they made it Rei was drenched in sweat but he didn’t care. He had run the whole way, his legs burned from the exertion and his arms had gone numb from carrying Asha but they had made it in record time. The back of Rei’s shirt and pants were stained with Asha’s blood which made them stick to his skin with uncomfortable tightness but he paid it no notice as he pushed on into their tent.

                Softly he laid Asha onto his bed, his heart flipping when he saw that he had gone unconscious again. He scrambled to his feet and rushed over to his own belongings. He tossed things onto his bed and over his shoulder as he searched for the first aid kit that their commander had given them in case of injuries. His hands frantically fumbled through his bags and eventually they clasped around the handle. Rei pulled the kit out from under the pile and hauled it over to Asha’s bedside.

First he stripped off Asha’s soiled pants and make shift tourniquet so he could get a better look at the wound. The gash in his thigh wasn’t that deep but the edges were ragged and vicious. Wet blood glistened in the wound but didn’t run which he was thankful for. Rei opened the first aid kit and let his eyes survey they contents before he began picking up bottles and tubes. He picked up a glass jar that was labeled anti-bacterial salve, the contents a thick green paste that smelled of leaves. Definitely one of Koku’s inventions. Koku was the commander’s personal doctor, an older man that spent his time making medicine and ointments. Most of the scouts thought that he had lost his mind long ago but his inventions tended to work so they kept their opinions to themselves.

                “If this saves him I’ll never make fun of Koku again,” Rei whispered as he spread some of the green paste over Asha’s wound. He wrapped the thigh again in a fresh bandage and vowed to check on it again later. Then he gently placed his hands on the wound and began to pray.

The End

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