The mistake

Orange, purple, and pink began to appear in the lightening sky and Asha knew that Rei would be waking up soon to start his morning watch. Asha had spent his entire night watch sharpening his weapons and the anger he felt about being lied to was still boiling in his blood. He needed to let off some steam before he saw Rei again, he wanted to fight. Quietly he snuck into the tent and disabled the alarm that Rei had set.

               “I’m giving you a break today,” Asha whispered before placing a soft kiss on the other man’s cheek. He left the tent, shouldered his pack with the spear and grabbed an extra sword before going out to take Rei’s shift.

                Rei awoke a few hours later confused and disoriented. He was sweating from his blankets and his mouth was dry. It was too hot for it to be early morning when his shift was supposed to begin and as he fumbled around for the alarm he had set he noticed that Asha’s side of the tent was empty. His fingers ghosted over the disconnected alarm and he knew what had happened. He swore under his breath as he threw off the covers and reached for the canteen of water he kept by his bed. It was warm, like always, but it was enough to keep his mouth wet. He dressed, grabbed his sword and a light snack, and then set off to smack some sense into his partner.

                The walk into the dunes was an uncomfortable one, no trees or shade to keep the sun off your skin, but as Rei munched on his apple the blinding rays didn’t bother him. As he began closing in on their look out location he felt his heart begin to pound in his chest. There was blood on the sand. He began to run, his boots sinking with each step, making the final sprint to the dunes maddeningly slow.

The End

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