The fight

They ate the lamb with gusto, the fat melting in their mouths with each bite. The spices blended together perfectly and by the end of dinner the carcass had been picked clean, the rice pot was almost empty and they were slowly finishing off the remains of the vegetables.

                “I feel like I’m about to burst,” Asha exclaimed as he laid back against the cooling sand. The air had finally started losing the heat from the day so Rei had made the fire warm again.

                “I bought some good bread with jam but I don’t think we can eat it now,” Rei said as he patted his stomach.

                “You really went all out tonight, didn’t you?” Asha asked as he rolled onto his side to face his partner. Rei was laying on his back, his dark brown eyes closed. His black hair which was dreaded and braided in places hung down his back in straight tresses. “What did you trade for the wine?” Rei groaned and rolled over onto his side to face Asha.

                “Don’t worry about it. It wasn’t important,” he insisted.

                “If it wasn’t important then you can tell me what it was,” Asha said, his green eyes focused on Rei’s.

                “Why won’t you drop it?” Rei asked, his body tensing in irritation.

                “Because you won’t tell me. We don’t keep secrets Rei. That’s how other partnerships ended up dead,” Asha reminded him.

                “It doesn’t affect our mission in anyway,” Rei said through clenched teeth.

                “But it does affect us,” Asha shot back. “How can I trust you if you keep secrets from me?” Rei scowled at him before rolling onto his back again.

                “What I traded is none of your business,” he bit out. Asha huffed and stood quickly. He brushed the sand from his clothes and stalked into their shared tent. Rei always had the first night watch which allowed Asha to rest after his long afternoon shift. Asha took second watch and Rei rested before the morning watch in the dunes. Asha pulled off his boots and stripped off his shirt before tossing it into the general direction of the dirty clothes. Their commander had always told them that angry partners made a weak team but he didn’t feel like apologizing that night.

The End

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