They served themselves rice from the pot in the sand and sat down in front of the cool fire. They rested their plates on the sand and Rei poured water into both of their cups. The water they used to wash their hands and once it was gone it was replaced by fragrant smelling fruit wine, something special that Rei must have picked up in the market that afternoon.

                “And what is this for? You never get us wine,” Asha asked with a smile. His partner was always surprising him when it came to dinner. If it wasn’t for Rei Asha’s time on desert watch would have been significantly more unpleasant.

                “To celebrate,” Rei replied as he held his cup out to Asha for a toast. Asha racked his brain trying to remember what was important about the day when his eyes brushed over the nametag necklace around Rei’s neck. The firelight reflected off the metal plate illuminating the writing, his writing. Asha had given Rei the necklace last year for his birthday. Asha’s smile widened as he clinked his cup against Rei’s.

                “Happy anniversary,” he said. Rei pulled him forward before he could take a sip from his cup and gave him a soft kiss. Asha captured Rei’s bottom lip between his teeth and sucked on it as he pulled the other man closer.

                “I knew you’d remember eventually,” Rei murmured as they pulled away.

                “Eventually,” Asha laughed. They clinked cups again before taking their first sips of the wine. “What did you trade for this?” Asha asked as he put his cup down.

                “Don’t worry about it, it wasn’t important,” Rei said as he picked up his plate. Asha wasn’t convinced; Rei never usually brushed him off that easily. He decided to let it go for now but he would ask again later.

The End

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