The Dunes of the Sukuwa

Rei and Asha, two scouts for the city of Yuru Tami's army, are sent out into the Sukuwa desert for watch. While celebrating their anniversary as scout pair and couple the two fight.

As the sun set over the sands of the Sukuwa desert Asha threaded the spear through the straps of his backpack and shoulder it to begin his trek back to camp for the night. He and Rei were camped by the northern border while four other scout pairs were stationed in front of the other entrances into the city of Yuru Tami. Even though the sun had set the air had not lost any of its humidity, sweat rolling down his face as he walked. Asha wiped his face with a loose piece of fabric from the wrap he had around his head to soak up sweat from his hair.

                As he neared his camp he could see the firelight dancing on the sand, the smell of cooking meat wafting towards him on the breeze. Rei was the better cook between the two of them so he insisted on taking the morning watch. If he didn’t dinner would always be awful and no one wanted that after a long watch. There was a dead lamb roasting over the fire, its skin covered in a thick coat of spices that smelled like heaven to his empty stomach.

                “Thank the Gods you can cook,” Asha exclaimed as he dropped his bag onto the sand before sitting down in front of the fire. Rei had used some of his magic to make the fire burn cold, a welcome change from the stifling heat and humidity of the desert. Rei smiled as he stirred the pot of rice that cooked over another smaller fire. Rei always made more food than Asha could imagine both of them eating, meat, rice and fresh vegetable salad. Sometimes there was warm bread for desert or sweet fruit that he had traded for while Asha was away. “You always amaze me with all the food,” Asha murmured as he watched the lamb.

                “Cooking is relaxing after watching the sands all morning,” Rei replied. After stirring the rice a few more times he took the pot off of the fire and carried it over to the hole he had dug in the sand. He fitted the pot into the hole and covered the top. The sand would keep it warm while they ate. Next he checked the lamb with one of the cooking utensils before deciding that it was done. Asha grabbed their plates from inside the tent along with their cups. He left the cups by their seats and brought the plates to Rei who had started cutting the meat off the lamb with a knife. He put equal amounts onto each plate before stabbing the knife into the lamb for future use and taking his plate from Asha. 

The End

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