Unnamed Fantasy Story Beginning (4)

              Making his way down to the docks, Sean waved over to Rick, who was sitting on his fishing boat waiting for Sean to arrive. Sean was particularly fond of Ol’ Rick, as the townsfolk called him. A man well into his eighties with a long, thin beard that was always tangled up, he was still just as healthy as the majority of young men in the town, and even stronger than most. Still, he lived a humble life out of choice and was always cheerful with those around him. Strangely enough, rumor had it that somewhere in his shack by the docks he kept hidden a heap of gold worth at least half a million valdurans. They said he had found it while fishing far out in the bay one day, in a chest in some small sunken dinghy from a few hundred years ago. No one knew why he didn’t ever spend any of it; some people just thought he was happy enough living his life as a fisherman. The story seemed a little less than believable to Sean, but robbers still risked rummaging through Ol’ Rick’s shack searching for the treasure. Some of them actually ended up with broken legs; Sean even once heard the city guards joking that “Ol’ Rick does more of our work than we do.”

(Abrupt ending, I know. But I never did end up writing more after this.)

The End

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