The Girl I Used to KnowMature

  Drip,drip,drip the blood goes.Her heart skips a beat.Boom boom,boom boom,boom boom it goes.She can't fight it and won't fight it."Do you need help?,"she asks."Yes,yes I do,thank you."the human replies.Will she dare do it?"I-I-I must" she says to herself.A train is coming.This can't be good."Don't thank me yet."she says.Then there.The train's horn went off.There the person lays,dead,on the floor.That's it,she's not good anymore,she's evil.She's evil thanks to that drip of blood from a human.And she didn't even know I saw everything.Sadly this means war soon.Not just between us,between good and evil.Nothing will ever be the same.

 Hi,my name is Sophie.I have red shiney hair and red eyes.I go to Vampire High and that girl I was talking about,she WAS my vampire bestie.Now she's just a jerk,like major.Before,we used to dress casual and not fancy.We used to hang out with eachother all the time.She now wears a black dress,with black leggings,black high heels,and a black bow.So she dresses like a fashionista and wears black,which is her LEAST favorite color.Whenever I go up and ask her: "Do you wanna hang out or eat lunch together?" She'll reply something like: "Oh sorry it's don't eat with losers day"then she'll walk away laughing with her,and I quote,"Crew" Pphhtt.And get this before,her hair is brown,now she dyed it blonde!So she's not changing her mind back.Nope,not at all.She's not the girl I used to know.She'll never be the same again.So instead of BFFL (best friends for life),we're now arch enimies.Now and forever.


The End

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