Spike: The Sacred Bone

All he could think of was that bone.

He saw it in the movies. He saw it in his dreams. And most of all, he saw that Adrian, his best friend wanted it too.

They said it was from a dinosaur. It didn't matter to Spike. All he knew is that it looked tasty. 

How could he find this bone? Should he go and find Adrian? It was big enough for the both of them. At least, he thought so, Adrian was well known for his greed. He could go it alone, but he knew that Adrian knew how to read the words that the humans write on their paper things. 

Adrian would have an advantage than him. And Spike was the faster runner. If it came to a race, Adrian would be left in the dust. So, what should it be? A partnership with Adrian? Or, what about tricking Adrian to find the bone for him? Or go solo?

A difficult decision. Either way, just to have a munch on that dinosaur bone. 

It would be Spike's dream come true.

The End

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