Socrates: The Dreams of a Thoughtful Pup.

Socrates. He does look kind of solomn.

And yet so active. Look at him. Maybe his face is just shaped into a constant frown. He could be really happy. 

So. His Dream.

"Listen, Guys, if you're going to live in this world, you are going to listen to the rules."

Socrates was lecturing his younger friends. He knew the way to go in life. He knew that he needed to keep his head down, to make a few friends in high places, like at Alejandro's, the local Italian down the road. 

"Get your best puppy looks on, gentlemen. Let's get us some pizza!"

A wave of cries of pizza went around the pack. Adrian, the second in command's eyes started bulging. A sure sign that they needed to quiet down.

The younger dogs had started to assume he had rabies or something. In any case, they decided that is was a good idea to quiet down anyway.


The End

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