The Dreams of a Puppy

I found a puppy, tied to a post with a chain. It is sleeping. What can a puppy dream about? How long does it take for a puppy to go to sleep when it is tied to a post? What is it's name? And most importantly, can I take it home?


The puppy fidgeted. He whimpered and gave out tiny puppy barks. He didn't know that I am watching him. Should I wake him? He seems to be peaceful, but I cannot really be sure.

I wish he was my puppy.

He's just lying there. He seems reasonably well fed, I guess, but he is tied to a post. He must have been there for a while though. I can't remember seeing a dog in his situation calm enough to sleep.

Has he been abandoned? I noticed that there was nobody near him. I looked at him again, and thought to myself, he can't be expecting anyone to come back. Otherwise he would be awake. 

Maybe he couldn't fight the sleepiness anymore. But, what is the little puppy dreaming about?

I can't keep calling him little puppy. I know he isn't mine, but he deserves a name, even a temporary one. He deserves a majestic name. Not a normal puppy name, he looks so thoughtful, more than a normal little puppy. What should he be called? 

I feel that what I name him will have an effect on what his dreams will be. If his name is fluffy, the adventures he will have would be different if his name was buster. Naming the little puppy seems more important by the second.

So, what could this little puppy called? What could he possibly be dreaming about?

All I Know, Is that his name must start with the letter S.

The End

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