"Are you sure you're OK?" Max peered at me.

"Yes, I'm fine. Seriously. Go and play" I assured him. He worried too much.

It was snowing. Not heavily, but it was snowing. It was nice. I'd never usually liked snow. It's too cold. But this snow just seemed to take all our troubles away. All of them. 

Ben's death was no longer a sad moment to dwell on. No, we'd replaced it with happy memories of the time we had with him. Ahhh. He would've loved the snow.

"I don't want you to be-"

"I won't be left out. I'm fine. Please go and play. What would you do if you convinced me to play and then I fell on the ice and hurt myself?"

"I'd say at least you were having fun"

"No you wouldn't. You'd get all stressed out and blame yourself. Go. And. Play" OK, I wasn't completely all right. You wouldn't be if you'd started hearing voices. But what could I say? 'Oh, by the way Max, when I say I'm fine, I don't actually mean it. See, I keep hearing these voices, and to be honest it's scaring the hell outta me. Oh, but don't worry. I'm not gonna scream or anything. Look on the bright side, at least the dreams have stopped!' Sigh. It least the dreams had stopped. 

"Fine" he grumbled, but he wasn't really grumbling. He knew I was safe. He was having fun in a snowball fight with Abbie in seconds. 

One month. One month till Christmas. Almost three years ago, everyone on Earth disappeared. Except me, Ben, Max and Abbie. Two months ago, Ben died. It broke us all. But Abbie was by far affected the worst. She'd stopped eating, drinking, living.

But she was fine now. Almost. It was strange, because she was perfectly happy. But whenever she went into her tent, she came back out looking just that little bit sadder. But she hid her emotions well, I would've never been able to tell if it hadn't shown on her face. I wondered what she did in that tent, she shouldn't really be doing it if was making her sa-

A snowball thwacking into the side of my head interrupted my thoughts. I looked up. Abbie pointed at Max at the same time he pointed at her.

"Right! That's it! Payback time!" I growled jokingly. That snowball war lasted two hours.

The End

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