It was dark. Late at night. I hadn't had a dream like that in ages. I heard something outside. I got up to see what it was. There was nothing in the camping spot. I went out of my tent and looked around. Ben was right at the edge of the cliff. 

"Ben" I hissed "come back. It's dangerous" no response. I walked closer. It was eerily quiet. "Ben" no response. It was hard to see in the darkness. I could tell he was facing away from me, but that was about it. "Ben. Please come back. You're making me nervous"

"Sara?" Abbie's voice. I looked around at her.

"Shh" I whispered. She nodded and came over.

"What is he doing?" she whispered, worried.

"I don't know. Make some light"

"OK" the scene was lit dimly. I crept a bit closer and saw that the ground Ben was standing on was cracked.

"Ben, please. It's really dangerous. The ground is cracking" I said quietly. No response.

"Ben" Abbie said slightly louder "Ben. Come on." he turned around. His eyes were closed. 

"He's sleepwalking" I whispered, surprised. I never knew he sleepwalked. Someone touched my arm and I almost screamed but they covered my mouth.

"Shh. Its me" phew. Max. I relaxed and he took his hand off my mouth. "Abbie, make the light brighter"

"Alright" the light got brighter. Nothing happened

"Brighter" I urged. She made the light so bright it could've been daylight. Ben's eyes snapped open. "Ben!" I moved to go to him but Max stopped me.

"If you go, the ground might fall through." he said. I nodded.

"Ben, come on" Abbie pleaded "It's dangerous. You're making me really worried"

"What happened?" he asked quietly as the light dimmed.

"Just come over and we'll tell you. Just come over were its safer. Please"

"OK" he took a step forwards. There was a quiet cracking sound and he stopped.

"Go very slowly, and carefully" Max told him. He nodded and took another slow step forwards. There was another crack. My heart skipped a beat. Abbie shifted nervously. He took another step, no noise. Another step, no noise. Another step, no noise. Another step. A loud crack echoed over the mountains. My eyes flicked to Abbie as hers did to me. She looked terrified. Ben moved one more slow, slow inch. The ground gave way beneath him, and he went with it.

"BEN!" both me and Abbie screamed at the same time. We ran forwards, Max gabbed my arm. I tugged myself free. I threw out my arms.

"Stop! Pause!" I yelled frantically. Nothing happened. I looked over the edge but Ben had disappeared. "NO!"

"Ben!" Abbie shouted "Ben! Where are you!?!?! Come back!!" tears had started pouring down her cheeks. I realized that my face must be a mirror image of hers.

"Ben! No!" I sobbed. Abbie collapsed onto the grass in a flood of tears and curled up into a little ball, rocking back and forth and back and forth. I went over to her but she shook her head. I understood and went back. Max came over to me, tears trickling silently down his face and clutched me to his chest. I let the tears take me over. I fell to my knees and Max knelt down with me. And there we stayed for a long while after. Just crying and crying. Ben was gone. And there was nothing any of us could do to bring him back.

The End

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